Free resources on quality practice are found here. You will find Strategies for Engaging Schools, an online course with five learning modules, and Engaging Students Through Academic Service-Learning, an implementation guide using backward curriculum design. [Click to Learn]


What burning questions do you have about service-learning? Do you have tips to share that have helped you overcome challenges? Use this forum to connect with and get input from other practitioners around the state. [Click to Connect]


Use this space to gather resources and share with others. Resources posted should align with the National K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice and the IPARDC process. [Click to Share]

The primary focus of NCASL’s work is to support state education agencies and education professionals by providing leadership and resources that lead to the intentional and sustainable use of academic service-learning as an engaging pedagogy in the instructional setting. We believe that all youth should be actively engaged in their learning and nurtured in a collaborative, challenging environment that supports their growth and recognizes their strengths and contributions to their education, schools, and communities. Through our collaborative partnerships, we work to develop and sustain the necessary policies, procedures, revenue streams, and organizational cultures that support significant youth engagement in the classroom setting.

NCASL is uniquely positioned to guide high quality practice across the field. Our role as an organization is to leverage the collective expertise of state education agencies in advancing service-learning for all K-12 students. Through this collective work, NCASL engages national leaders in developing infrastructure that supports and nurtures high quality, sustainable service-learning practice.

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